Video was awesome! Aphex Twin meets League of Gentlemen, but weirder. Can’t wait to see it again!!! So Pro.”

— David Barlow at the pre-screening at Overdrive Studios Deptford

FEAR is the mind killer

Investigative journalist PETER KOPINSKI follows the CLOWN CATCHER (Sobriety Twist) on a daily capturing routine for the United State of England. Miscreants (anarchistwood) are delivered to Clowns Anonymous for help, but if that fails, sent to the Mosley Modification Unit for Wayward Clowns. Here, pioneering surgeon DOCTOR RAEF (Jenny Runacre) practices experimental conversion therapy.

Wholesome family life goes on for the Clown Catcher, WIFE (Sexton Ming) and family with home made meals in their non-clown life without any weird fantasies or dreams.

Clowns however are not enjoying the conversion therapy and a resistance army is forming to combat the State and the FEAR it enforces.

Winner of Best Music Film 2018”

— Portobello Film Festival

principal cast

Jenny Runacre as Dr Raef

Sobriety Twist as The Clown Catcher

Peter Kopinski as Peter Kopinski

Sexton Ming as The Clown Catcher's Wife

Jemma Freeman as Jeff Freeman

Amazing Mouse as a Mental Nurse

Jan Daniels as Bad Mother Clown and Dr Raef's Hench Woman

Andrea Puke as Mental Nurse

Nik Llawr as Mental Nurse

Stella Meltdown as CA Group Leader

anarchistwood as assorted Clowns


Directors - funkcutter & Lindsey S

Screenwriter - funkcutter

Producers - Lindsey S, anarchistwood, Pink Charlotte

Exec producer - Lindsey S & funkcutter

Cinematographer - Lindsey S

Editor - Lindsey S

Production Designer - funkcutter, Lindsey S

Sound Designer - Lindsey S, Candiflip Blackwood

Original music - anarchistwood, Maelific Jester

Vehicle - Peter Kopinski

DVCam Provision - Steve Teers

more crew

1st AD - Pink Charlotte

Camera & Drones - Lindsey S, Nigel Camp

Gaffer - Lindsey S

Best Boy - Tanzi Rosenberg

Props - Jan Daniels, funkcutter

Additional Sound - Ruth May

Stills Photography - Hill Bill

Stunts - Ella Guru

Colour - Priory Post

Costume - funkcutter, Jan Daniels

Bean Firing - Dave Lager

Winner of Best Film in Music Category Portobello Film Festival

Winner of Best Film in Music Category Portobello Film Festival

music from the film

Teaser Video